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Selfconsumption from PV system in Bocairent Padel center

Turnkey supply of 15.51 kWp photovoltaic system on Padel Indoor rooftop, Bocairent.

N5 has completed the turnkey supply of 15.51 kWp photovoltaic system installed on the rooftop of Padel Indoor center Bocairent (Valencia)

The system consists of 66 polycrystalline photovoltaic modules of 235 Wp, three inverters of 4.6 kWn, and control and monitoring system. The system was comissioned in early May 2013.

The system will cover 60% of electricity consumption from the center, creating a surplus of electricity that it will be sold to the grid, creating a self-consumed energy savings, and revenues from energy sales.

This projects is an example that PV systems for selfconsumption are technically and economically viable, and create direct benefits to the owner and to the environment.

If you are interested in PV systems like this please contact here.

120 MWp PV project selling energy to pool price. Spain

Advice and site evaluation, consulting on land contract, basic engineering design, utility permitting.

On developer demand N5, has provide consultancy services since the first step of the project.

  • Land research
  • Potential sites evaluation
  • Initial electrical infrastructure evaluation
  • Grid tie apply to distribution and transmission company (Iberdrola and Red Eléctrica)
  • Substation, transformer units, and power line design
  • Plant design, inverter buildings, modules lay-out

In those days the project is waiting for administrative authorization, and regional permits.

The project bussines model is based on electricity sales to pool price, without special regimen tariff, and to be competitive due to equipment reduced prices, and EPC price reduction due to large scale size.

EPC Selfconsumption PV system in Quart de Poblet

N5 constructed in April 2013 a new PV system under selfconsumption regime with sales of excess energy to the distribution network.

The facility is located in Quart de Poblet, and has a power of 11.5 kWp, and has been supplied as a turnkey contract. The system is formed by:

  • 1 unit Inverter Kaco Powador 12.0 TL
  • 48 units. 235 Wp modules P60 Atakama

The system is equipped with a monitoring and control system that allows the user to control self-consumed energy in real time, and manage their consumption to reduce the purchase of energy from utility.

100 kWp PV system on carport parking. Benejuzar

Supply turnkey 100 kWp photovoltaic system on carport parking

N5 was responsible for the engineering, technical management, as well as permitting and procedures with several authorities.

The system consists of 420 photovoltaic modules connected to a central inverter. Both inverter, and metering unit are equipped with real time monitoring system, data available trough web server, and email alarm warning.

The monitoring was designed to serve an existing on roof 80 kWp PV system, near the carport parking.

Engineering, technical management, H&S supervision, for 800 kWp PV rooftop in Mercavalencia

Engineering, technical management, H&S coordination, of PV Project and electric infrastructure connected to distribution grid.

The 800 kW PV project in Mercavalencia is caracterized by placing BIPV modules on the existing roof.

This design maximizes the surface of installed modules, thereby maximizing the total power, despite slightly reduce system performance.

N5 ingeniería y Sistemas has been involved in the project, performing:

  • Engineering and design based on customer requirements
  • Construction management
  • Health and safety coordination
  • Designing, engineering and technical management of electrical infrastructure for evacuation:
    • 20 kV power line
    • Automated 20 kV distribution center
    • Automated 20 kV transformer building
  • Permitting and administrative authorization
  • Permitting a management of Iberdrola labour
  • Start up supervision, and commisioning

The photovoltaic plant was connected in March 2011, working as a producer on the special regime according to RD 1578/2012 and RD 661/2007, giving all the energy produced to Iberdrola distribution grid.

Selfconsumption PV system in Almassora town hall building

N5 Engineering is the contractor for a 12 kW self consumption PV system installed on the rooftop of Almassora town hall.

The system will cover 10% of electricity demand, avoiding CO2 emissions, and lowering fossil energy sources dependence, and electricity bill.

The PV system is formed by 55 polycrystalline 230 Wp modules, and 12 kW three phase inverter.

Estimated operation life is 25 year, during which 470.000 kWh will be self-consumed in the building of Almassora Town Hall.

PV self consumption systems are an option since RD 1699/2011 was published. Consumers have the chance to generate its own energy, selling excess energy not consumed to electrical grid at market price.

In this case Almassora town hall, no excess energy is generated due to building consumption is bigger 24h than 12 kW output power from PV system, so 100% of energy will be used in the building.

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