Selfconsumption PV system in Almassora town hall building

N5 Engineering is the contractor for a 12 kW self consumption PV system installed on the rooftop of Almassora town hall.

The system will cover 10% of electricity demand, avoiding CO2 emissions, and lowering fossil energy sources dependence, and electricity bill.

The PV system is formed by 55 polycrystalline 230 Wp modules, and 12 kW three phase inverter.

Estimated operation life is 25 year, during which 470.000 kWh will be self-consumed in the building of Almassora Town Hall.

PV self consumption systems are an option since RD 1699/2011 was published. Consumers have the chance to generate its own energy, selling excess energy not consumed to electrical grid at market price.

In this case Almassora town hall, no excess energy is generated due to building consumption is bigger 24h than 12 kW output power from PV system, so 100% of energy will be used in the building.

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